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How to QuickScope on Black Ops

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How to QuickScope on Black Ops

Post by iMZ Whit3boy on Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:21 pm

This is a very easy TuT and was not found by me!!

Ok obviously u need a sniper riffle!
Use the Variable Zoom Attachment!

Now as u go to quick scope Quickly Zoom in to either the 2nd or even 3rd zoom! And by doing that u dont have that stupid 2 second delay of you bullet not going straight.
Drag Scoping is basically what it is, were just kinda eliminating the bullet flying randomly.

Here is a vid i found on Youtube That should give you a better understanding!!

Im sure many of you have already figured this out but if u havent I HOPE THIS HELPS!!!

iMZ Whit3boy

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